Kent County Pedophile Alert


William August Lauzon CSC CONVICTWilliam August Lauzon, born 13 May 1992, was convicted on 9 May 2011 and again on 15 October 2012 for 750.145C4A possession of child sexually abusive material (child porn), and 752.7973D using a computer in the commission of a crime.  He was paroled on 9 July 2013 and is believed to be residing in Kent County, near Cannonsburg Elementary School.

Psychologically Battered Child Syndrome

psychologically battered childNot all abuse is physical, but all abuse (physical or not) is psychological, i.e. has deleterious ramifications abiding far into the psyche for a long time to follow (often for life).

Psychological (emotional) abuse and/or neglect are both contributing factors to this syndrome.  Another significant factor is a child witnessing a caretaker abusing others, whether in the form of spousal abuse or abuse /neglect of  their siblings.   Social isolation, child terrorism (instilling fear in a child on a frequent to constant basis), and corruption (bring children around drugs, alcohol abuse, or criminal persons) also lead to this syndrome.Siblui

The National Center on Child Abuse and Neglect defines psychological abuse as “verbal or emotional assault, close confinement, and/or threatened harm” and psychological neglect as “lack of nurturing, withholding affection, knowingly allowing a child to engagein maladaptive behavior, and/or refusal to provide other essential care” (J.Gabarino, et al., The Psychologically Battered Child).

There are some clear indicators that psychological battering has occurred:

  • Withdrawal from or avoidance of social contexts
  • Fear of authority figures
  • Self-harm
  • Sibling abuse
  • Abuse of the non-abusive parent
  • Murder or attempted murder of the abusive parent
  • Maternal rejection (due to maternal deprivation tactics of abuser)
  • Failure to thrive (especially if abuse occurs in first 3 years of life)
  • Psychopathological behavior
  • Sociopathic behavior
  • Schizophrenia
  • Depression
  • Suicide

Downy/Tide: Diabolical or Deceived?

Tide™ & Downy™ launched a campaign this week to monetarily support the International Fatherhood Initiative (NFI).

We have to wonder whether there is a deliberate anti-mother agenda here or whether the parent company (Procter & Gamble) is just ignorant to what this initiative does.  We would like to think it is the latter.

Here are the facts:

  • suspect origin: The NFI is not the pro-family legislation it claims to be.  It was born in 1995 out of an executive order by a president who was definitely not a model family man (Clinton).[1]
  • false propaganda: NFI director Wade Horn’s propaganda includes the promulgation of the agenda-based myth that children raised without a father present will become criminals.  The truth is that child character development is deleteriously affected when there is an abusive parent in the home.[2]
  • maternal deprivation: 85% of fathers who seek to deprive mothers of custody are successful due to the NFI incentive dollars that funnel into the pockets of unethical judges, attorneys, and guardian ad litems.  Loving fathers do not engage in maternal deprivation… and neither do ethical judges and attorneys.[3]
  • anti-mother bias: The NFI provides funds for fathers to pay court and attorney fees and provides services to assist them in drafting court paperwork, but no such funding or assistance is available to mothers.[4]
  • systemic child endangerment: The NFI is responsible for corrupt courts placing an average of 58,000 children into the unsupervised custody of convicted abusers, pedophiles, and rapists every year![5]

We are thoroughly disappointed with your despicable support of anti-mother hate legislation like the National Fatherhood Initiative!  Please join us in a BOYCOTT of Procter & Gamble!  Especially Tide™ & Downy™!


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Another Rogue Judge

judge dale r wellsJudge Dale R. Wells (Riverside County Superior Court, California) is the villain this time.

This is an example of how this elected official addresses women appearing before his bench:

“Save your delusions for court….. if you had any dignity you would jump in front of a moving truck….  You are a disgrace as a sub human parasite and a mother.”[1]

In the custody case concerning the minor children of Elena & Timothy Gross (victims of physical and emotional abuse perpetrated by their father), the testimonials of no less than THREE POLICE OFFICERS, ONE DEPUTY SHERIFF and another key witness, confirming the abuse and multiple counts of perjury committed by the father, disappeared into thin air.[2]

Written testimony from Elena’s mother, Ingrid Blank, reads thus:

“In the full knowledge that Mr. Gross is a convicted drug-manufacturing felon, long-term crystal meth addict and alcoholic, Judge Dale Wells left primary residence with Mr. Gross while at the same time ordering him to “abstain from alcohol and narcotics 12 hours before interacting with the children”, thus WILLFULLY and KNOWINGLY endangering the health, safety if not life of my grandchildren.”[3]

A lawsuit against several officers of the Riverside County Superior Court is currently pending.  There is also a call for an independent review of all Judge Wells’s family law cases.  Add your voice to the call.


  1. Riverside County Superior Court transcript: Thu, 23 Feb 2012 10:41:29 -0600


“Human being: you have already been told what is good, what ADONAI demands of you – no more than to act justly, love mercy, and walk in purity with your G-d.” (Micah 6:8)

cyberterrorismThis verse presents the core of covenant living (halakah) in the Judeo-Christian worldview.  We who love the L-rd do the work of His Kingdom, which is summed up here by Micah in the triad of justice, mercy, and purity of heart.

There is a spiritual warfare at work, however, that recognizes these quality character attributes when they are manifested and launches a full-out assault on every expression and proponent of these.  The way of the coward is the stealth attack.  Those who do not have the chutzpah to have a real conversation about real issues will instead sabotage those who are doing the work of Micah 6:8.

In recent months, these unholy forces have turned to cyber-terrorism.  They create hate sites targeting victims of Domestic Violence and the legitimate advocates who stand up for them and stand against injustice… but worse than that, they also hack into the computers, phones, and websites of victims and their advocates.

Those who employ these tactics and those abusers who engage them in their revictimization assaults will answer to G-d for their hate, and to law enforcement for their crimes.  Computer hacking is not only unethical (showing the lack of moral character of the assailant) but also illegal.[1]  Engaging in this type of activity is a sign of a deeper psychological issue – often a sociopathic personality disorder and/or narcissism.[2]

Using cyber-terrorists who live in a different country does not prevent the prosecution of those who use their “services,” nor does it make the actual terrorists immune to prosecution.  International crimes are in the jurisdiction of Interpol, so it merely broadens the scope of the number of law enforcement agencies who will be involved in bringing these criminals to justice.  The FBI and US Justice Department have also had jurisdiction to be able to prosecute foreign hackers since 2001.[3]

Among those perpetrating cyber-terrorism crimes against Domestic Violence victims and victim advocates are two criminals in Ireland using the names Sarah Tyrrell and Dawn Henderson.  Keep record of any assaults you experience from these two and bring them to justice!  Record and report!


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Michael’s Dream

Michael Melinn 1992-2010Michael Melinn was a young man pushed to suicide by abuse perpetrated by his step-father Blake Melinn, Blake’s mother Hanalora (Baillargeon) Melinn, and Blake’s step-father David Wayne Melinn.

Michael’s dream was that his aforementioned step-father and step-grandparents would stop assaulting and revictimizing him, his siblings, and especially his mother.  All he wanted was peace.

In the way of backstory, Michael lived with his step-father Blake Melinn for one month, during which time there was a physical altercation which the other children witnessed (contributing to their PTSD).   Michael called his mother to pick him up.  While there picking him up, Blake grabbed her arm resulting in a bruise and the filing of a police report.  Afraid that Michael would disclose the pattern of abuse in Blake’s home to his mother, CPS, or the police… Dave and Hanny Melinn bribed Michael with a free car and cellphone if he would come live with them.  Once they had him there, they did not allow him to see his mother.  He had to sneak out behind their backs to go visit his own beloved mother… and he did so often.

Drawing by Michael for his mother Maria

Drawing by Michael for his mother Maria

Michael quickly discovered while living with Dave and Hanny that Blake’s abusiveness was 2nd-generation, learned from the abusive parenting style of Dave & Hanny.  He was about to escape to the safety of  his mother’s family – the only non-abusive context he had ever known.  Because his mother was recovering from surgery to repair the damage done to her back by Blake, he was planning on moving in with his only grandmother, Sally.  Before this could occur, however, out of pain and anger at Dave & Hanny having lied to him about his mother, whom they told Michael was lying about her broken back, he got into Dave & Hanny’s alcohol and drug stash and into their arsenal of weapons, resulting in his premature death.  Access to alcohol and drugs was common in the home of Dave & Hanny.  On one occasion, Dave threw Michael into the shower, clothes still on, because on their “family” boating venture that day, Michael’s drunkenness reached the point of vomiting.  His autopsy shows evidence of this in the drug panel and alcohol screening.

A facebook post from one of the many times Dave & Hanny  put a young teen in a situation leading to underage drunkenness

A facebook post from one of the many times Dave & Hanny put a young teen in a situation leading to underage drunkenness
(click to enlarge)

Three torturous years after his death, this diabolic trio continues to terrorize his mother and siblings, and they are using his name and memory in order to do so!  This group of despicable, ill-intentioned, hate-mongering, slandering abusers (namely David & Hanalora Melinn) have created numerous facebook profiles and pages for the sole purpose of assaulting and revictimizing the woman whose back was broken by their convicted abuser son Blake Melinn (formerly Blake Buck).  Please go to each of these hate pages and fake profiles and report them to facebook as impersonating the young boy they abused to death, Michael Melinn:

  • Michael C Melinn (impersonating Michael Melinn and harassing Michael’s mother)
  • Michaels Wish (impersonating Michael Melinn and harassing Michael’s mother)
  • Michael’s Wish (impersonating Michael Melinn and harassing Michael’s mother)
  • Michaels WISH (impersonating Michael Melinn and harassing Michael’s mother)

Nota bene: Dave & Hanny Melinn have absolutely no genetic or legal relationship to Michael Melinn.  His only living legal relatives are his mother Maria Melinn, his grandmother Sally Bauer, and his half-siblings – none of which include David & Hanalora “Hanny” Melinn.  Please inform facebook of these fake profiles and hate-speech pages and demand that they all be disabled and the originating ip permanently banned from facebook.  Help stop Michael’s abusers from continuing to terrorize his surviving loved ones.  Let him finally (though posthumously) have his dream!

Another Drawing by Michael for his beloved mother

Another Drawing by Michael for his beloved mother

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Beware Philip John Convissor!

Phillip John Convissor DV CONVICTPhilip John Convissor is a convicted stalker!

In 2012 57th District Court (Allegan County), the case of State of Michigan v. Convissor, this abuser admitted to the court that he committed criminal stalking.  He claimed he was trying to see his daughter, but his daughter was in his custody at the time of the events for which he was being tried.

Despite the fact that there was a spousal abuse/child-abuse PPO dated 14 September 2011 and a No Trespass Order dated 19 July 2011 (below) both still in force against Convissor at the time that he trespassed on his ex-wife’s property.  Judge Joseph S Skocelas gave this three or four count criminal nothing but a no contact order and a year probation.

Nota bene: This order is from Dan Miller, the Wayland Police Chief at the time.  The letterhead was cropped out by Philip John Convissor before he posted this to his cohorts, but the address of his children and ex-wife were not (we blacked them out), thus he endangered them by publishing their address to his "supporters."

Nota bene: This order is from Dan Miller, the Wayland Police Chief at the time. The letterhead was cropped out by Philip John Convissor before he posted this to his cohorts, but the address of his children and ex-wife were not (we blacked them out), thus he endangered them by publishing their address to his “supporters.”

The no contact order issued in 2012 is not being enforced.  Convissor uses the court to contact his victim on a regular basis, and the court fully cooperates with him in this, jeopardizing the safety of his ex-wife and her children.

Notice of P. J. Convissor's conviction and sentence

Notice of P. J. Convissor’s conviction and sentence

Convissor was born 11 May 1962.  Though he resides in Kent County, his domestic-terrorist activity occurs principally in Wayland, Allegan County.  Other convictions on Convissor’s record include two charges related to slumlord practices in 2002 and 2004.

When Abusers Get Custody…

child custodyKent County CASA reports that in an average year, nearly 3 million children are physically abused in America.  Fewer than 1/3 of these victims have their abuse “substantiated” by Children’s Protective Services. Of the 900,000 children whose abusers are convicted of their domestic or sexual violence crimes, approximately 58,000 are sentenced by corrupt judges to live under the custody of their abusers.

Domestic Violence Statistics suggest that up to 10 million children a year witness some form of domestic violence.  This in itself is child abuse, in that it has psychological ramifications.  Men who witnessed domestic violence as children are twice as likely to become abusers themselves than men who were raised in non-abusive contexts.  This should cause judges in custody cases to deny custody to confirmed abusers… but sadly, it does not.

Research published in the National Criminal Justice Reference Service reveals that 70% of spousal abusers engage in physical or sexual abuse of their children as well.

Any judge who places a child in the custody of an abuser is sentencing that child to a 70% chance of being abused and doubling the likelihood of that child growing up to be an abuser.  That makes those judges guilty of every act of abuse that follows from those custody decisions as the force which set the abusive cycle in motion.

We urge every Family Court judge to read the American Bar Association’s A Judge’s Guide: Making Child-Centered Decisions in Custody Cases.  Of the 58,000 children sentenced to live with abusers this year, at least 1000 will die.  With the blood of so many innocent children on their hands, how do such unjust judges live with themselves?!

Damon’s Plight

Eric Moelter Damon's father/molester

Eric Moelter
Damon’s father/molester

Damon Moelter is an abuse victim who, at age 6, began bravely disclosing the sexual abuse he suffered at the hands of his father Eric.  These reports were made to Child Protective Services, a police detective, and the Chadwick Center, resulting in Damon’s father being placed on the Child Abuse Central Index.  Despite this, however, the San Diego Superior Court’s extreme Fathers’ Rights Judge Michael T Smyth dismissed the reports and the fact that Eric was on the Child Abuse Central Index and awarded him with full custody of Damon and his brother.  On 11 July 2011, Damon escaped and went into hiding.

Judge Smyth’s response to the rape Damon suffered was, in part, “…even if [the sexual abuse] happened, the only way this family is going to move forward and you’re going to keep these kids is if, from here on out, you’re acting like it didn’t happen.”

Read Damon’s full story of parental and judicial abuse on the Saving Damon website.

2013 Update: Though Damon is still a minor, he is now emancipated and free from his father’s reign of terror!

Police-Perpetrated Domestic Violence

stoppoliceviolenceIn 2009, Michigan citizens reported 103,331 incidents of Domestic Violence, 125 of which ended in victim fatalities.  The vast majority of victims were, as always, women in their twenties; followed by children, and filling the bottom rung were a small percentage of male victims.[1]

The majority of assailants in these cases were husbands, boyfriends, and ex-husbands, and the most highly represented profession of the abusers was law enforcement.  Diane Wetendorf observes, “Police abusers differ from civilian abusers only in that they have the advantages of their training, their badge, their gun, and the weight of their tight-knit culture behind them.”[2]

While abuse occurs in approximately 10% of homes in the general population, Tanya Brannan reports, “Domestic violence is 2 to 4 times more common in police families than in the general population. In two separate studies, 40% of police officers self-report that they have used violence against their domestic partners within the last year.”[3]

Another form of Police-Perpetrated abuse is “Abuse by Proxy.”  This can occur in the form of police not taking DV reports seriously, e.g. failing to respond, or in police lying on the stand in court settings in order to minimize or cover up abuse which has taken place (revictimizing the victims).

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