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Plainwell Pedophile Alert

Craig Williams CSC suspectPlainwell resident Craig R. Williams is a substitute teacher who is currently under investigation for attempted CSC on a five-year-old girl.  Prior to this incident, he worked in the school districts of Southwest Michigan, but has since been placed on a lifetime ban from ever teaching or subbing in Michigan.

He currently has access to children as a referee and umpire for high school (MHSAA) and youth athletics (football, basketball, volleyball, baseball, and softball).  Wayland Public Schools has him scheduled to officiate for their athletic events this coming year.

Williams was last known to be working as a truck-driver with Freightliner of Grand Rapids, so he is potentially a threat to children nationwide.

While formal charges have yet to be brought, and the case has not yet been docketed, it is the opinion of our researchers, based on the police report, the forensic interview of the victim, and the case compiled by the assistant prosecuting attorney, that this man should be considered a child endangerment threat and caution should be exercised in the Plainwell area for the protection of your children.  Williams should be viewed as a concern as a possible or probable pedophile until more information comes to light.

If your child has been victimized by Craig Williams, either in his capacity as a substitute teacher or as an official with the MSHAA, USSSA Fast Pitch softball league, ASA slow pitch softball league, or NSA slow pitch softball league – please contact Allegan County Assistant Prosecutor Myrene Koch at or (269) 673-0280, as she has a case file on him already.

Note:  This is NOT a call for vigilante justice.  It is a public service alert for anyone with children to make sure those children are kept out of harm’s way.  Be safe, not sorry.

2 responses to “Plainwell Pedophile Alert

  1. Francoise Collin ⋅

    pedophile on Twitter @nama_jonathan
    Please arrest him urgently

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