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Generational Effects of Domestic Violence

It is undeniable that domestic violence’s victimology is not limited to the immediate victim, i.e. the one battered.  Shakespeare speaks of the sins of the father being visited upon the son (Merchant of Venice, Act III, Scene 5)… and that is the unfortunate generational curse that frequently applies to domestic violence contexts.

When children witness their “role model” acting abusively, there is an increased chance that the children will either emulate that behavior in their own lives, will be attracted to abusers, or will withdraw into an anti-social or self-abusive condition.

Matthew Ryan Mosqueda SrA search of local court records often finds persons from an abuser’s progeny in the criminal records.  Such is the case with the Mosqueda family of Kent County.  Matthew Ryan Mosqueda comes up as two persons in the records, father and son.  Mosqueda Sr (pictured at right) was convicted on 2 September 2011 of domestic violence/assault and sentenced to probation lasting until 6 December 2012.  He had a previous conviction for 750.224F felony possession a firearm (18 July 2011, sentenced 6 December 2011).

Matthew Ryan Mosqueda 1312595Breaking the Cycle 2002 cites that “Often, teenagers from violent homes turn to drugs and/or alcohol for release and comfort.” Fast-forward only two years, and we find Matthew Mosqueda Jr (pictured at left), just barely 18, convicted of possession of marijuana – most likely self-medicating to cope with the abusive environment whence he came.  He was convicted on 1 July 2013 (District Court 62A case 12CM3857). A Penn State University study finds that a history of child abuse increases a person’s likelihood of being arrested by 53%, and Mosqueda Jr is part of that 53%.

bucky mugshot 1313016This is not an isolated case… but just one example of a plethora.  Another example is domestic violence convict Blake Allen Melinn (pictured at right), who admits in CPS documents (Kent County, MI case X2277275P) that he himself is a product of abuse … by at least one of his several step-fathers, i.e. a Mr. Bing.  His current step-father is presently engaged in psychologically abusing Blake’s children (ibid.).  US Vice President Joseph Biden asserts the following:

“Little boys who grow up in homes where domestic violence is occurring are 100 times more likely to become abusers than boys in violence-free homes.”

The New Jersey Department of Community Affairs observes that 81% of batterers saw their own fathers abuse women.  The 1995 Report of the American Psychological Association to the Presidential Task Force on Violence and the Family tells us what those of us who have lived it already know:

“A child’s exposure to the father abusing the mother is the strongest risk factor of transmitting violent behavior from one generation to the next.”

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